The “form tools” app

django-formtools is a collection of assorted utilities that are useful for specific form use cases.

Currently there are two tools: a helper for form previews and a form wizard view.


To install django-formtools use your favorite packaging tool, e.g.pip:

pip install django-formtools

Or download the source distribution from PyPI at, decompress the file and run python install in the unpacked directory.

Then add 'formtools' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

    # ...


Adding 'formtools' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting is required for translations and templates to work. Using django-formtools without adding it to your INSTALLED_APPS setting is not recommended.


Formtools has its own catalog of translations, in the directory formtools/locale, and it’s not loaded automatically like Django’s general catalog in django/conf/locale. If you want formtools’s texts to be translated, like the templates, you must include formtools in the INSTALLED_APPS setting, so the internationalization system can find the catalog, as explained in How Django discovers translations.


New releases of django-formtools should always be compatible with the latest stable release of Django. If a new version of Django contains backwards incompatible changes that affect formtools, a new release of formtools will be issued shortly after the release of the new Django version. Version numbers follow the appropriate Python standards, e.g. PEPs 386 and 440.

How to migrate

If you’ve used the old django.contrib.formtools package follow these two easy steps to update your code:

  1. Install the third-party django-formtools package.

  2. Change your app’s import statements to reference the new packages.

    For example, change this:

    from django.contrib.formtools.wizard.views import WizardView

    …to this:

    from formtools.wizard.views import WizardView

The code in the new package is the same (it was copied directly from Django), so you don’t have to worry about backwards compatibility in terms of functionality. Only the imports have changed.

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